Come Dive with Riptide!

Riptide Diving is a year round springboard diving club and is open to kids from 3rd grade all the way up through senior year of high school.  We provide a positive enthusiastic environment that allows your child to progress at his or her own pace so that they build a solid diving foundation, as well as confidence in themselves.

The Riptide Philosophy

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    Confidence Building

    Through honest positive reinforcement, goal setting, and reward, we build up your child's confidence and keep their self esteem tank full.


  • Diving Fundamentals

    Basic diving fundamentals are extremely important for developing a proficient diver, and we work tirelessly to promote these skills.

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    Maximize Potential

    Our kids all have their own potential and learn at different rates.  We work to maximize your child's potential so that they feel great about themselves and the progress they make on and off the boards.


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    Diving is an individual sport in terms of execution, but we also instill the values of teamwork and team spirit.

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    Growth Thru Competition

    Riptide Diving competes in local and regional competitions in order to provide an atmosphere where our divers can set goals and work toward accomplishing great things.  Through competition, our divers will learn how to overcome tough situations and grow as divers and individuals.

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